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2022-2023 Parent's Day Out Calendar

Parent's Day Out follows the Poudre School District School calendar for holiday closings and other days schools are not in session. Additionally, we follow the PSD’s determination regarding snow days. A PSD late start will cancel PDO classes for the day. Notification of PDO cancellations will be posted on the website, on the school voice mail, and in an email sent to families.

  • Sept. 6: Opening day, PDO begins

  • Sept. 16: Closed as per PSD schedule

  • Oct. 13-14: Closed as per PSD schedule

  • Nov. 11: Veterans Day

  • Nov. 21-25: Thanksgiving break

  • Dec. 22-Jan. 4: Christmas break

  • Jan. 5: PDO resumes

  • March 11-19: Spring break

  • April 12: Closed as per PSD schedule

  • May 19: Last day of PDO

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