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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring when my child attends PDO?


We request that parents bring a change of clothes in a Ziploc bag (including shoes), appropriate outdoor wear (all clothes should be labeled with child’s name), a labeled sack lunch (with ice pack), and a labeled water bottle. Also, for the younger children, please provide 2 labeled diapers, a sippy cup, and any item that helps the little ones feel more comfortable or secure (blankie, stuffed animal) (optional). Our teachers request that mittens and hats be placed inside coat sleeves, to make locating them easier.

What about sunscreen?


Colorado licensing requires children to wear sunscreen. While we do have sunscreen available at PDO, we ask parents to apply sunscreen to their children at home, before coming to PDO. This makes getting ready to go outside less time-consuming for the class; giving us more time to play, and less time for little ones to wait.

Do you provide a snack or lunch?

 Parents provide a snack & lunch  for their child.  Parents should always share with teachers any food allergy information. Parents provide sack lunches, with items not requiring heating. Generally, lunch is served at 12 p.m.

Does my child need to be potty trained?


We now require children ages 3 and up to be potty trained to enter the 3 to 5-year-old class. PDO staff always works with parents to reinforce their potty training efforts at home.

Does my child need to stay the entire four hours?


Children can be picked up at any time during the PDO morning, however, the daily charges will remain the same; no credits or refunds will be issued.  We do strongly encourage parents to arrive at the beginning of the morning, to facilitate a smoother classroom start, and to allow their child the opportunity to experience all that the day has to offer.

What if my child becomes upset?

PDO staff does their very best to keep all the children feeling happy and secure. But if a child becomes inconsolable and cannot be comforted, we always notify parents of the situation and with them determine the best course of action, which sometimes means the child being picked up early. It is helpful for staff to know if a child may arrive at PDO less rested than usual, or out of sorts, maybe not having eaten much breakfast, or if something out of the ordinary is happening at home. The more information the teachers have, the better they can understand and help children feel comfortable.

What if my child becomes sick while at PDO?


If a child becomes ill, the child is immediately removed from the classroom, and is cared for and made comfortable by the directors in the office area.  Parents are contacted as soon as possible, and asked to come and pick up their child. If a child is injured, appropriate first aid is administered, the child remains with the directors until parents can be notified and, if necessary, can come and pick up their child. If necessary, PDO will call 911 and have the child transported by ambulance to the hospital if the situation warrants, but parents would be contacted prior to this, unless they or any of their emergency contacts could not be reached.

Can I bring birthday snacks for the class on my child’s birthday?


Parents may absolutely bring a snack for their child’s class on or near their birthday. The Health Department does require that treats/snacks brought by parents for the class are store-bought, and not homemade. 

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